Monday, October 13, 2008

5 Secrets of Getting a Man to Open Up

Most men feel that women are very critical of them, and they worry that if they do open up

Often, sharing secret fantasies will lead to rejection and will cause marriage to break down. Not judging your partner means allowing him to say what is on his mind, and simply being willing to hear it. This does not mean that you don't have an opinion or that you can't offer it at some point. In order for him open up to you, he has to feel truly accepted for who he is, not for who you may want him to be.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let your inhibitions go...

To my lovely wife,

We lay down together and letting our carnal emotions take over our bodies by putting our minds at ease by allowing us to lead each other into never ending ecstasy. Unspoken agreements invite hands wandering in an uncontrollable passion within sensual forces. I am biting softly on your neck so I am able to release your inhibitions and provoke to to take advantage of me. Hot sexual senses provokes kinky desires, look inside my eyes, mind and soul, because you know me very well. Taste my inner being of my passion, I want you to experience me by tasting my sweet love and I want you to enjoy my love and know me from within without limits. Explore me completely without restrictions. I dare you to explore what in your mind sexually and do them. Take me, I am yours. Use me, I love to please you.

You say, "I've never done this before."

I responded, "Do it."

You say, "But, you don't know what it is."

I say, "I love you so much and I want you to do it. You know how kinky I am when I am with you sexually."

You say with a smile, "Okay, you asked for it."

I smiled back and winked, silently assuring you everything will be fine. Any inhibitions you had earlier faded into the embers of our passionate kissing that our bodies are now burning with passion. As our bodies meld together, our two flames become one. No restriction and completely passionate.

With my complete love, I release you from any inhibitions you have sexually. In your erotic brain, wanting to manifest themselves into material reality that sensual scenes of you played over and over again are becoming reality. Sweet surrender. Appeasing each others' appetites & fantasies.

You look at me seductively with a sexy smile which tells me that I am in trouble. Trouble I don't mind pleasing my lovely wife. I give in to my desire and allow you to ravage me. Your love that is very intoxicatingly sweet, very sensual, mesmerizing that is allowing your thoughts to be free, making love to me without inhibitions.

You know my weak spots, when you were kissing and nibbling my peaked nipples. Putting myelf under your control. Make me tremble, make me pant heavy and make me want to be hurt by you.

I see your eyes and saw how sexy you look when you are feeling sexually free. Wanting to use me sexually as you see fit. I see your nipples are perky hard, wanting my touch. I can feel your wet pussy against my body.

I hear you say, "You are making me having powerful orgasms and boy, you are in trouble because I don't want to stop until I am completely satisfied".

I responded, "Go for it sweetie, I am yours and use me as you dreamed about in your erotic mind that you wanted to do freely."

You smiled and then began attacking me. Boy, I found this hot and sexy.


Nipple eroticism is beautiful. I love to have my nipples because they are sensitive
I love my nipples to be played with properly; soft sucking and light feathering, pinched, pulled and sucked hard. I love the way my wife play with my nipples.

A reminder why I am here.................

I am one of those bisexuals who commits to one person while still attracted to other men and women, but do not act on any attraction except my wife. The key to successful marriages are far more likely when there is complete honesty, respect and a level of compassion for each other. My wife and I have a strong relationship and we are open to each other. She knows of my strong desires of being with men. She listens to my fantasies. Most of my fantasies are so compatible with my wife's fantasies, including my bisexual fantasies. In order to have a warm, joyful, fulfilling relationship in which shared experiences encourage mutual growth and happiness is being open-minded with loving care heart. Confide all of who you really are. No masks. Share everything, including your wildest fantasies. Fantasies aren’t good or bad and there should be no judgment involved. Having a wild fantasy doesn’t mean it has to be expressed in reality. In order to have a wonderful exclusive and monogamy sexual relationship, we are to feel free sexually and feel sexual without restrictions.

I have a blog, and this blog is probably a good place to place my private thoughts and knowning that hardly anyone reads this, its a blessing or a curse.

Deep thoughts about my personal experience in positive choices that are right for me rather than living a bisexual life. I don't act on it. At times, choosing not to act on those feelings and not embracing can be difficult. I am thankful that I have a wife , who do not seek to force her viewpoint on me, telling me what I "should" do. I just wanted to be aware of alternatives to living a bisexual life that are positive and life-affirming with my own values, morals and beliefs. My wife and I are so compatible with everything in our marriage. Unlike most men who don't confess to their wives, I am able to accept as I am. There is hope for me husband and my marriage. Many men with those issues keep them secret. One thing I am thankful for God's blessings in our marriage. Sex is a gift from God and I am happily married and sexually satisfied being with my wife, best friend and sex partner. It's important for us to negotiate how we are going to talk about our sexual relationship together. To talk honestly about our sexuality, sexual preferences, fears, feelings about our bodies, struggles, joys. This is REAL intimacy, deep friendship with trust and faithfulness.

I also have my own issues with bisexuality in my Christian faith. What we do a married couple is between husband and wife is privileged and gifted.

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If you are a gay/bisexual man who is seeking to come out to your wife or straight girlfriend, I know how difficult this step can be. Remember, you have no choice in your sexuality, but you do have a choice about keeping this secret from your mate.

By making the choice to be honest, you are showing the greatest form of love to the woman you love. There is no "good" or "right" time to reveal this news. However, the sooner you take the step, the easier it will be for you to move ahead in your life and have peace of mind.

If you need help on how to proceed, I have gay husbands who have lived through this experience and will be happy to give you the assistance that you need. I will be here for you at any time you need me.
I will also be here for your wife when she needs support after you reveal this news.

Remember, there is nothing worse than living a lie. The sooner you can reveal the truth, the better your lives will be. You will go through a lot of pain and turmoil in the beginning, but you will be doing both of you the biggest favor of your lives. To get support for your next step, just drop me a note and I will start setting you up with the support you need immediately.


Straight Wives a site to give additional support to women who are married to or involved with men who are gay or who identify themselves as “Bisexual.”

Predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual?

Interestng post I found in this website: Married Gay
Does it really matter?

There is great danger in trying to put a person's sexuality into a "post box" such as homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual. In so doing, we may be restricting our interpretation of a person's true sexuality. (See Sexuality Labels page)

The question has been asked,

"Surely, if a person is married and has homosexual tendencies, they are really bisexual?"

It can also be asked,

"If a person is considered to be bisexual, even though they can have sex with both sexes, should they not be content, in marriage, only to have sex with their spouse?"

The answer to this last question must address the needs of the person concerned - most extra-marital activity is as a result of a need to go outside the marriage. Whether a true "bisexual" should be content with sex with their spouse alone is subject to conjecture.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fantasy Part 2

We are kinky and very sexual couple. We don't limit ourselves when it comes to sex. We explore almost anything as long as they just us and not seriously hurting each other. Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. I keep myself shaved because my wife loves nothing better than to lick and suck my cock and bald pubic. I adore my wife's hot mouth on my hard cock. When my wife asked me specifically if I still fantaties about sucking man's, I admitted and said "yes". She loves it when I am open-minded and very kinky. She realized that although I am truly bisexual, I am also submissive to her and obey her. I belong to her. My cock belongs to her. My body belongs to her. My ass belongs to her.

Back to the story. Jen had an idea and asked if we really want to get to know each other that we should play a game of Truth or Dare somewhere private. We left and went to Jen and Bob's place since they live closer. When arriving, they served some drinks and smoke, then we went over the rules for the game. We would use a deck of cards to determine each person's choice. A black card for Truth, a red card for Dare. If you drew a joker, you could take your pick. No one could pass a turn, and lying was a no no.

Carole wins the first deal and she picks up a card, and chose to to ask a truth question to Bob: "What is the kinkiest thing you ever did?"

He responsed: "I have been begging my wife to wear a strap on and use me however she wants. I so desperately want my wife to make me suck a realistic looking strap on cock, teach me to deep throat while holding my head and face fucking me. I wanted her to bend me over, push my face into a pillow and push her strap on into my virgin ass. I would even enjoy it if she made me wear a pair of her panties while she did all of this. She did them for me and it was wonderful"

My wife responded, "Jim wanted me to do that also. We need to get a strap-on."

It was Bob's turn and he drew a black card. His question to me was: "Have you ever been attracted to a member of the same sex? Explain."

I answered: "I found myself being turned on by the thought that another man found me sexually attractive and seduce me. I just want a good sensual and erotic kinky sex with emotions involved. Not afraid to explore everything including rimming and anal sex".

We heard Jen moaned and said "That's one of my fantasies, to find a man who will do that to my Bob while I watch".

Carole winked and Jen and said "I like to see that too".

Now, it is Jen's turn and she picked a card, she chose to ask a truth question and asked my wife: "Carole, do you like watching straight porno or gay/bi porno?"

My wife responded: "Easily, gay/bi porno because I found them sexy"

Bob responded by saying: "Good, we have plenty of those that we can watch later."

To be continued.........................